The movie trailer is so action packed that the screen owns my eyeballs from start to end. My heart rate rises and only when it ends do I notice my muscles are tensed. It takes a moment to digest such compressed drama – muscle bound heroes, celebrities with less clothing than I'd wear to the beach and weapons that would make a commando drool. They must have spent hundreds of rounds, blown up an area half the size of New York and done it all with that slightly distant air of emotional aloofness the great stars pull off so naturally. After a few moments my prefrontal cortex takes the reigns back and begins to tick. The movie trailer was a bite sized movie, giving so much away I barely see the point in buying a ticket to the real thing. The trailer is to the movie what Willie Wonka's gum was to eating – small but satisfying (if you leave out the turning into a blueberry hitch). I can't say I've ever had a more entertaining three minutes. Fantastic directing, breathtaking scenes and top-notch acting – but that's enough. Time for a siesta.