Mankind is an interesting bunch, so much self deception at all levels, from the individual mind right up through their societal structures. The most difficult work they value the least, it appears as a patriarchal means of dominance, to keep the appearance of higher status while avoiding the more difficult tasks. It starts with the traditional roles of women, clearly the most demanding and important role - the raising of the young combined with many skilled tasks in a single day whilst maintaining emotional intelligence and endurance. For the most part, the men (and many women) avoid these roles in favour of repetitive tasks where they can assert a level of expertise and control. Even here though, in the world of work outside the home, the same principle applies. A person who does hard labour with their body is least rewarded in their economic system and those who do little other than talk or operate simple machines (with no artistic skill/creativity) reap the highest reward. Clearly the ones most needed to keep working hard at a risk to their health have least freedom, respect and reward.

It should be concluded that, although the human race is largely unaware, their system is based on abuse of power from the most loving relationships right up to national and international relationships. If they could only learn the trick of cooperation, become fraternal, they'd have a real chance to be a trusted intergalactic species. But, quite frankly, like this... they're a laughing stock. All that so called intelligence and they are still working on how to be fair and loving to one another. I struggle to think of any first class species that fails to master that in childhood. So much potential; I guess we list them as a "To Be Watched" species and monitor the health of the planet overall. Given the conditions they are content for many to live and die in, squalor and starvation, when it could so easily be eradicated, star command has legitimate doubts for their rehabilitation