The Coup.
1. Dis-regulate the media and create a large group of fanatical loyalists with a set of "alternative facts," aka - lies.
2. Call into question the results of legitimate elections.
3. Replace top defence and military personnel with loyalists.
4. Refuse transition of power and use military might to squash rebellions.
5. Gain further control of all media and television to install the new mindset of "alternative facts" in the entire population. Brand resistors as terrorists and zealots.
6. Kill your opposition where necessary.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 11, 2020.

We are the seals. We go and fight missions that seem impossible, until we win. This time we volunteered to fight for the enemy. Once in we turned their fighters into willing prisoners of war, got them asylum and a new start. They were just kids roped into being soldiers. Well, blow that for a game of soldiers! It was time they went home... or to a new home... whatever we could do. There are many ways to decimate an enemy army. We did good. We stopped the war much faster. Less parents lost their kids. More civilians lived. This is what being a seal is all about.