In terms of pure concept, the monotheism of Christianity and polytheism are identical. If God is father, son and holy ghost, and those are separate entities and yet one united whole, then there are already three deities that are one deity. In terms of concept, there is no difference between God being able to take three forms and three hundred forms, or three thousand or infinity - and to say that God could not would only limit the power of the divine spirit creator. And what is more, God is still one, regardless of numbers of "forms" in the same way a sports team is one unit that strives for one goal - in this case - a heaven on Earth, a healthy creation and a healthy humanity that puts love as its supreme first principle. Thus, what is there to argue over? Names? Human given names and human given mythology to communicate the will of the divine spirit, our creator? Surely the message in all cultures has been to love one another and love creation, to act as good caretakers of Earth for future generations of all species.