There is the chasm, the infinite void, that calls as only a siren can. It is the other end of the bargain if I cannot win as we hoped. Yet in this time of no promises or demands, of steps onward in good faith, I've never been surer of who I am, never surer that you love me and whatever is ahead, we'll be going there together.


An Ode to America

Why is it dear America,
That you are so strong of faith,
That you sing so greatly of love,
Yet permit the racism wraith,
To rob your children of security,
To bring the destruction of a war,
To escalate hell's fires,
To open negative chaos's door?
Because I wonder dear America,
If you were brought to such great faith,
As the only antidote that could ever conquer,
This callous apocalyptic wraith.


Our creator is as real to me as the Mother Earth herself, as real as the trees, the water, the sky. I have only to open my mind and heart to the power of love and He is there, healing wounds I didn't even know I had. I have an unshakable faith - yet faith is not religion. I put all my trust in our father the creator, and none in religion; for to me the later is a form of cult. Our creator is love, truth, blessed peace, forgiveness and joy. Love and fear cannot co-exist, and so I choose Him; I choose Love, and lay my fears at His feet so that He may help me unravel them and remain His child in mind, heart and soul.


Ryan look at me, you torture yourself over scriptures written a couple of thousand years ago which were then chosen by people, humans, who wanted control, power, money. Much of what they contain is as far from God's true word as McDonalds is from wholesome soul food. There's some decent philosophy in there but also more psychosis than the clerics would like to admit. Let's face it, a lot of it is utter nonsense.

So Ryan, my love, it doesn't matter if you have faith in a God, what matters is that you hold strong a faith in love. God has faith in you. It doesn't matter if you worship or not. God isn't a megalomaniac with self-esteem issues. He loves you always, like I do, no maybes. You don't have to earn love, you never did, it's your birthright. You try your best to be good, you live a life of love, you are kind and loyal. So don't fret over what you should or shouldn't believe, just keep being the most decent chap you can be. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. Don't let your past mess up our present and future. By all means strive to be ethical and environmentally friendly, but don't be afraid to think freely and love strongly, with passion. Do you need any more advice than that?


Faith - mine floated away from me a very long time ago, like a leaf being pulled away on the tide, and into the sea to become lost and alone, likely drowned. It began with my mother taking a brownie pack to church, as she did every Sunday. Was she religious? Oh no. She just loved the attention of being the biggest pack there. I recall feeling so irrelevant amongst the flags as tall as trees, shining with vivid colours that meant nothing to me. It was all so confusing, but with or without autism, I knew I was being used. I was only there for her to get close to other six and seven year olds, the ones that thought her god - literally, considering where we were. And there was me thinking that job was already taken.

On Monday's in the brownie hut, she would hand out chocolate to those who had come, and ignore those who had not, they were just there to watch the those who had. She didn't see them at all, not as people, not as anything. They were just a instrument for her to use - put down and picked up like a pen or a vacuum cleaner. For her that was their purpose and it seemed to be my purpose too.

Year after year everything is fine, until as a person your heart unexpectedly fractures. There's know one to come home to, and you become lost. like a solitary leaf washed out to sea.

By ingsey, September 20, 2015.

"My child, there is a scene in the Narnia series where both the evil ones and the heroes are thrown into a dank shed. When Aslan comes those who want light and love soon walk into green and pleasant fields, they see the flowers, the sky, breathe fresh air. The creatures of darkness see none of this, believing themselves to be trapped. Don't you see, my love, we are there already. We are all in the shed right now, or at least the media might have you believe so.

So I ask you, is this world a dank shed or a paradise? Because it can still be either. Would you be one to follow Aslan? For were not all good deeds a service to him regardless of professed religion? Would you have faith, be the angel of your better nature and see the pastures and the birds we still have? People intent on grumbling in the shadows, of being the harbingers of doom and malcontent you cannot help. Don't they say that there are none so blind as those who will not see? Let your faith be in a bright tomorrow, in a healthy mother earth, in the kindness of those who demonstrate love in their actions as well as their words. Be not blinded by religion or politics or other works of man. The love of God is in all and it is there your faith should rest, in those that let it shine."

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 8, 2016.