"FISH is part of the natural ability of the relexicables, yet we renamed it so that the STEM community can relate to what we do and collaborate. This is team work all the way. However, FISH comes from the science term Florescent Insitu Hybridisation - glowing "junk" DNA is used to find genes in related species, to highlight their locations. This is what our relexicable "Lore and Order" troop do to catch those who think themselves invisible. We use nanowordology to glow up the speech that identifies perpetrators of evil crimes. The truth is always coded for in speech, it is part of our human evolution and the bad guys can't alter that one bit. The abilities we've had for thousands of years can find these markers and expose them. Now, tech enabled, AI enabled, we are the hunters of the hunters. Wherever they are, whatever dark corner they cower in, we light their asses on fire with glow sticks. FISH baby, don't need bait, it's all hook. Then it's all up to the regular police, army, law and order guys and gals to do their thing in the same way they always do. FISH is an enhancement, an extra search engine, and we always give aid to those who ask, to the vulnerable. That is what abilities are for. No capes, just capers for the good force.


The Healy International playbook for recalcitrant dictators.

1. The Bubble. Make a magical bubble dome for them the same way they do for their own population, an alternative reality. C'mon guys, you have the tech, do it Bond style.

2. Personalisation is everything. There are triggers common to all humanity, there are cultural and personal triggers. Go at it from all levels (Nanoword, word linkages, imagery, dream language - the whole shebang - to create movement in the brain toward healing. Even the most delusional psychopath has the same brain stem as the rest of us. When you trigger healing of the stem it will begin to radiate outwards. They will either survive the healing process or not, but as we do our best for them as a patient in the "kill or cure" way, because we have to, we can do step three simultaneously.

3. Talk to the brain stem, the PFC is not listening. Go primal, learn how to chat to the deep brain, learn how to listen for answers. As the deep brain heals the PFC will starts to heal and reboot. That is when the population start to gain an ability for personal ideas, for freedom of thought. This is population healing as a good doctor. When you do this from a pure sense of love and restoration of health, the magic will come as your partner. You are not magical. Nobody is. But magic is real. This is the approach of the "whisperer" not the "master" in terms of animal care. At all times you set them free if they show signs of distress. To have patients in the sense of universal goodness, you must have patience. Lots of it.

And that is the manual. When you get good at it you'll upgrade to automatic.

Have a magical day and, remember, intention is everything. This magic will only aid the pure of heart.