Code breaker we see your ode, the see the break, all is good, brake when you see God and Godspeed, breaker one nine.


This maybe the briefest of ode, corny and over-bold, but I overdosed on you the day we met and that O-D, well, it's highest rush yet. Love is an addiction is it not? Is it knot? For I was tied into this by invisible bonds, drugged by divine hand, smote ingot.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 13, 2020.

An Ode to Survivalism

I will survive,
As any warrior would,
Yet in full pride,
That I fought for others,
To survive along with me,
And not in that brutish way,
That says I will survive,
And thinks no thought,
That breaths no breath,
That makes no steps,
Toward helping others,
From a sense of love,
A sense of togetherness,
A sense of belonging,
That transcends even humankind,
With deep roots in creation,
Within the cradle of Mother Earth,
That realises that there is no self,
There is no survival,
That is worth a damn,
If we are alone,
And so survivalism itself,
Requires loving empathy,
Requires deep cooperation,
Or the survivor loses more,
Than death could ever bring.


An Ode to America

Why is it dear America,
That you are so strong of faith,
That you sing so greatly of love,
Yet permit the racism wraith,
To rob your children of security,
To bring the destruction of a war,
To escalate hell's fires,
To open negative chaos's door?
Because I wonder dear America,
If you were brought to such great faith,
As the only antidote that could ever conquer,
This callous apocalyptic wraith.