Upon first meeting, upon the reunion of Knight Angel and Angel Star, there was the kind of chemistry at only the most powerful lovers will ever experience. It took each of them by surprise. By this point each of them had met a great many potential suitors, each of them had sons, and so this sea change in emotion was startling. Each of their sons was destined for greatness, for they were re-birthed warriors of defence and lore, archangels of the other realm. They had lived very different lives in different cultures. Yet the absolute magnetism was apparent to each of them. After one night together they were again separated - a great blessing and a great curse for each. With a pandemic and travel bans each returned to their usual life... though nothing could ever be the same now that they had met one another. The curse was the pain of separation after so long seeking one another. The blessing was that they had time to adjust to finding the right person after so many bad romances. In this human form without his memory, he had no idea how to treat her, and for her it was the same. They had new "triggers" from experiences in their human forms, new ways of expressing themselves. Their reunion was essential to the mission. Reorienting to one another and learning new perspectives was everything, then the timing would finally be perfect.