To have a great romantic relationship, first learn how to be alone. You must be truly yourself and able to love and hold onto who you are, and so must your partner. Otherwise you both fall as you seek to please and keep the other in fear of losing them, crippled by a fear of being alone. So, master that, feel solid ground, and anything is possible.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), October 3, 2018.

I've seen Tom a thousand times in his father's store, stacking shelves and greeting customers, he's always been a part of that place, less conspicuous than the covers of the magazines and rows of candy. But now he's all I see in there, the rest is a meaningless back-drop. I used to love the sugary aroma of the penny sweets, now all I want is to be close enough to for his musky scent to make my brains swim with a heady intoxication. He looks my way, almost able to keep the grin from his face. His father spies the exchange and makes a gruff excuse about having to check stock out the back. Then I pull my hand from behind my back to reveal the fresh bun I poached from my aunt's kitchen on the way over. There's no more hiding his grin, he leans in for a kiss and takes the bun, the shop bell pings to let us know we are no longer alone and he tells me "pickles are on the other side of the aisle." I grin, thank him kindly and buy the pickles...

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 14, 2015.

Romance cannot be found in a store, whatever is in the mall isn't what you're looking for. Romance is fuelled by self-love but dealt a mortal blow by selfishness. Romance is when we loose ourselves in a moment with another - a moment made sacred for just the two of you. If you take that romantic moment and make it a cheap advert for yourself on social media it is destroyed. The romantic bond is from one heart to another, one mind to another, one soul to another - it cannot be externalized in narcissistic manners and survive. So when you feel romance for real, treasure it always, the right way, as something special between just the two of you. A daisy chain is as good as a dozen perfect roses, two apples munched on a grassy knoll are as good as a fancy appetizer downtown and the true love mutually felt is a wealth money cannot buy.

By Angela Abraham (daisy), May 11, 2015.

His eyes are like two rare gems,
Each time more beautiful with every glance.
His touch is like soothing notes,
Making me feel like a ballerina in every dance.
Being with him is like a princess story,
Charming, elegant and full of romance.

By viirii_lopezz, April 10, 2014.

Movies, my secret pleasure. I only have one rule. Either read the book or see the movie but not both. Eileen prefers to soak in the novel first and then her fun is in dissecting and comparing the plot, analyzing the characterization and bemoaning casting errors. Personally my entertainment isn't in analysis, but purely the joy of being sucked into the story, riding along on the crest of a literary or cinematic wave until the climax before unwinding and returning to normal life. I absolutely never ever watch movies twice. I make an exception for our wedding movie; we even make caramel popcorn and snuggle on the couch. It's no movie theatre, but the leading lady is my heroine so how can I say no?

By Angela Abraham (daisy), July 12, 2015.

Freezing cold, not a star in the sky
The perfect atmosphere for dreams to die
I looked to you as my tears began to fall
As silence screamed it’s never ending call
Erie howls surrounded me
Swirling around the base of every haunting tree
But I did not fear
Even as the wolves drew near
Because as long as I hugged her tight
I wasn’t fearful of the night

By twilightlover77, November 11, 2017.