There is no animal in the world, other than the gentle human, who is so dominated that they are asked to labour while hungry for even the smallest amount of food that is poor in nutrition. The free animal when hungry seeks food, focuses only on food. Yet babies, young children onwards in great numbers are often hungry and eating food that is nutritionally unsuitable. This leads to increased disease and early death, in extreme cases it leads to risky illegal immigration or even mass migrations to avoid starvation and the swathes of disease that comes with it. When our monetary system was born, it was said that the surplus population would increase in good times and die when their labour was not required. Those folks long ago cared not if the poor starved or died in disease or war - that was simply getting rid of unwanted population. Yet we now live in a world that can produce enough food for all and distribute it freely to all, thus preventing hunger, death and disease and bringing peace worldwide. Is this not the heaven we seek? Is that not how we end the hell of all this suffering to so many? It is as simple as making a new system that treasures and respects every citizen and rather than treating them with no more respect than an extra hammer.


You only need a monetary system if you can't be bothered to explain to people why things really need doing... or to get them to do things that are really for the sole benefit of others... then it is a part of a manipulative rather than an honest system and will likely require fear and punishment to enforce - shaming those who don't work hard enough or abandon their children for long hours. When work is obviously beneficial to the world, to communities and families we love to take part, to volunteer and be helpful. We are, above all, a gregarious and social animal. We'll work for pizza and a feel good feeling... money not required, only love and honest reasons.


Oh my gosh! You’re here! I thought up the best “get rich quick” scheme ever and it’s so simple, so easy. No work really, do you have a printer at home? If not, we can use mine. We’re gonna be richer than Warren Buffet before he got all charitable. Anyway, sit down, make yourself comfortable, I’ve got to be quick. Apparently we’re meeting Dakota soon. So here it is, we’re going to make a new currency called the Squid. Only we can print it, in fact, if anyone else prints any we’re gonna have then in jail for counterfeit, it’s only real when you and I make it.

Now here’s the cool part, when people don’t have enough Squids they come to us for a loan (with interest!) **exciting!** All we do is enter the number of Squids we lend them on a computer screen, no need to even print anything. Then they work their arses off for their whole lives to pay us back in Squids. But that isn’t the best bit of the plan, once we’ve flooded the market with cheap loans we say, “Oh no! Too much inflation,” and raise interest rates, make loans harder. Unemployment will rise and they’ll all start to default on loans. That’s when the real fun starts. We seize their property, houses, land, cars etc. Keep that going a few generations and our families will rule the world! Crazy, right? Oh, hang on, God’s telling me something.

He says that scheme was implemented a long time ago, in fact, that is how the global money system really works. He says there is plenty for everyone on Earth but I should tell you more about that another day. Shit. That mean’s we’re the slaves. Ah, well, I guess I’ll just go back to being God’s messenger angel then. At least saving the world means saving something real, right? I guess that means yesterday we were discussing if we should kill Kitty for digits on a computer screen. Is the whole world nuts? Sometimes I think it is.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 17, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.


It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand the banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution by tomorrow morning.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 16, 2015.

Henry Ford (1922).