Let's have a "hero corp," a body of socially and environmentally minded folks that are paid a comfortable living wage for fifteen hours service per week with a bonus for education or training that is additional. They can work in health, education, environment, community service (including the arts, festivals and care of the elderly and disabled), relieving the workloads of overstressed caring staff. Then, when possible, those overburdened staff can be paid their regular full time wage for less hours until their hours match the "hero corp" workers. It would be a significant step up from Universal Basic Income because it gets people out of the house, interacting with others and learning new skills. For the disabled or elderly who want to join in we can find ways to help them get involved rather than leaving them out, enabling them to do whatever tasks they can contribute and enjoy. Everyone has a skill they can offer and whatever they can do is good enough for the rest of us... we should include them with thanks and with joy. When we run our society this way, there will be enough love nurture and care for everyone. It is a stepping stone into a fabulous future that is thriving and ecologically sound.

This would boost the health of workers in brain and body. It is vital that we do welcome them as heroes for the system to work and give them the same respect as any other worker in our vital services. The "Hero Corp" workers can choose whatever good cause they wish to support, to join an existing service/team or start a new one. There's a lot of people out there from all walks of life that want to improve our communities and environment, let's give them the help they need to help us all. In time we would expect to see happier communities with greater health, greater educational outcomes and greater law & order. In essence, we could expect to see a recovery of society and nature. Plus it is cheaper to solve poverty than not to, so this is the more fiscally sound option.