Yeah, Sam, I can help you with that. A great example of a pyramid scheme, well, any scheme that has a central greed-power orientated top and a wide base of victims below, is the financial system. You see, the notion that we can all win is the most obvious of untruths. For every one person high up there must be many below and down-trodden, living hand to mouth as the waged-slaves of the system. And, additionally, if you aren't sure this is slavery with slave pitted against slave to earn their freedom, remember that this system costs those above less than keeping "livestock"; the "free" slave decays at his own cost.

The opposite system is social supports, so, you flip that triangle over. Now, the organisation is done as a social service by those who are capable as an act of love for society - the wise as loving guides, masters of philosophy and academia (not of people). Then you have cooperation rather than coercion and that, my friend, is actually freedom. Now, here's the fun part. Imagine the first power triangle. Now imagine the opposite and lay them on top of one another. What do you have? The Star of David! This is the prophecy, that the age of power domination would transition to an age of service and love for all. And the Jewish people were always going to be central to bringing peace and prosperity for all... just look at their agricultural systems, they are amazing. So, that's pyramid schemes, the one you all grew up with (power) and the one that is flipped over and coming (love).