They say time is a thief, but now she saw that in fact, that he was not. He was a merchant. She had traded her sight for vivid memories. And her hearing for a real appreciation of song. Swapped her pretty mask for inner beauty, and her naive words for deep thoughts. Time was not a thief, but a friend guiding her to her final destination, preparing her for her final purpose.

By blueleopard3, July 6, 2020*.

The future was always something I had worried about. I'm not sure if it was because of my young mind and lack of wisdom, but I never gave thought to all the time that was enclosed my life into only a small speck in a timeline. I had so much time. So much time that I let it slide through my fingers like worthless pennies. So much time that I watched it drain like water in a tub. So much time that I let it vanish like a magician in an act. So much time I watched it dissolve like a mirage across a desert. So much time I stood as it flew across the empty horizon. And now I realize that I had so much time, and I wasted it. Now I realize that for some of us, today might be our last tomorrow.

By tara, February 24, 2016.

Time had begun to dissolve into itself, as shapeless as the rain.

By james, May 3, 2012.

Found in Alex Rider, Stormbreaker, authored by Anthony Horowitz.


He recalled that when they were courting and had separated for the summer, time would slow to a trickle and those sunny weeks were an age. Now he would give anything to go back and find away to spend that time by her side, savouring those moments instead of wishing them away. As she lay dying in his arms time flooded through his fingers with no regard for his feelings. He wished he could just stop moving forwards and exist in that moment together. Not thinking. Not breathing. Just not apart. Then he lay next to her just to feel her body heat and bring his head close to hers.

By ravinder, October 23, 2014*.
Poetry / General

Time is precious, time will
not lie, this you can’t deny
As long as time is concerned
People will come and unfairly go
Time won’t stop in this cruel
World. Friendless and haunted,
No time for love, no time for
At all!
One big
Can ruin you whole. Time is
Ticking. Dawn is coming, its
Rosy fingers spilling over the
Horizon, you must not look
Back, for time will end you!

By reli, September 21, 2015.