Like a horror movie it played again in her mind as if somehow her brain was unwilling to let the images go and in it's attempt to analyse them it made her see it all over again. Simple ideas, simple things she had to get done that day slipped through her mind like so much sand in an hour glass. She stared out of the window at the scudding white clouds and longed to be amongst them, soaring and carefree. She knew the more she tried to suppress it the more it would play again, but she couldn't help it. In moments she was back in the alley with the cold blackness pushing in on her.

By angela, October 10, 2013.

On a plastic hallway chair sat a child, legs kicking in the air, clearing the floor by several inches as they swung back and forth. James was mesmerized by the red rubber boots on his feet and blue duffle coat, somehow the kid reminded him of Paddington Bear. His face had unhealthy look to it and his eyes were hard open as he stared at nothing on the wall. James stopped. The boy's legs weren't swinging in the care-free way he'd first assumed. Each one was more like a kick, sharp and pointed. He crouched down in front of him, letting the boy see his white coat and stethoscope and brushed his blonde bangs from his face.

"Hey there, I'm Doctor James. What's your name?" The boy became still and was quiet for a moment, sitting further back into the chair.

"Ben," came out almost like an accident, spilling out of his drawn inward lips. His brown eyes lost their harshness, becoming rounder, more glossy. Then all at once his face buckled, his breathing stopped momentarily and tears streamed..