When the dawn comes, when the light touches the land, flora responds no matter what happened before. Yet we are more complex than the simple bloom, than the plant that stretches confidently into the rays of each fresh sun. Yet after all this time waiting for gold to spill over the mountain peaks, for a new day to come, to feel real warmth once more - I find myself stretching into the direction of your sunny rays. I guess this is trust. It's been so long that the feeling feels new. Maybe it is. I guess that's a pretty sad comment on the state of our world, on modern culture and where it takes the human brain. Perhaps it takes this long on your periphery for that trust to come, as a shy kitten from a deep hole, unsure of what the brightness ahead promises. But I have a purpose, and you do too, one that is compatible and unique. I guess it helps that I love you, though I can't imagine telling you so for quite some time. I guess this trust is developing as a photograph does, needing the light to come when the picture is well formed. I can see it already. I want it already. Yet I leave the timing up to the wisdom of the positive universe. If we only get one shot at this, I want the best one, and though the waiting is killing me, I'll do it if that's what it takes to get you and me right.


Those angry eyes are your pain untold, and I wish you would tell it, I do. I would be yours in any storm, but there's one thing baby... you have to keep me safe from them. You have to let me all the way in so that you always trust me and I only ever see your kind eyes, the ones that are my home. Because I want to stay with you, but you have to be good for me too.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 13, 2019.

There are lots of folks who can talk the talk, but show me a man who walks the talk - then I have trust, then I have faith in him because the language of Love is not spoken but lived. I don't care what you say, I'll watch what you do. That doesn't mean I won't love you or be your friend, but then it is I that will gently lead you and not the other way around. Show me my err and the roles reverse. You don't have to be perfect and neither do I, we learn together, catch each other, hold more ideals than we can live up to - yet keep walking even though all say the dream is only a dream. Dreams can come true, just dream the right one in the language of Love and know what it means - strong hearts, brave souls, complete and healed minds.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, April 24, 2015.

Authored by Daisy, here.



Once my doors were open,
And the breeze was spring flowers,
The bird song danced in my soul,
And I was soft inside like eider-down,
Eyes wide and smile free,
No longer,
Now my doors are bolted tight,
With only four friends on the inside,
One at the door,
Two in the living room,
One in the bedroom,
And a knock at my door,
Is like the cock of a gun,
Pulse racing,
And though I may look out of the window,
I can't open the door,
Not ever,
What I didn't expect though,
Was that my friends,
Would bring the song and the spring breeze with them,
That my house would have no roof,
And with them inside,
Only the good weather would come.
Yet I still dream,
I dream of a world with open doors,
Where the light streams in unhindered,
I dream of the pastures beyond,
Where the petals are my eider-down.


I always thought that trust must come before love, yet it is not so, for love and trust can arrive at the same moment. When love is given in this way, immediate, no explanations, the trust arrives too. Perhaps that is why people advise caution or call it foolish, but to me it never is. Love is love, always a gift from the divine spirit. This love isn't physical, it isn't a "sin" to feel such strong affections; it isn't an excuse to leave a relationship that has become difficult. This love is a clue to a possible new branch in a life. This new person maybe someone you will one day protect, rescue or nurture. So even though trust is so foundational to all human relationships, it doesn't always first, it can come as part of a sudden package deal.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, January 31, 2016.

Open Sesame!
Open see same me!
Oh! Pen! See same me!

Pen as a cage.
Pen as words.

O as the zero of binary.
O.pen as a multiplication that eradicates the cage.

"See same me" - as the basic unit of trust in human psychology.
Trust as essential to love.
Love as our treasure.
Love as the gates of heaven.
Open Sesame!

This is your basic operating system, your O.S (Open Sesame). This is everyday language. This is an encryption key. What you need is right there in front of you, it always was. There are different elements for different aspects of brain functionality and impace behaviour, reaction and response. This is a form of code. Consider this the encryption key you need to begin.


The conspiracy theorist would rather hold a gun than form a trusting and loving bond. They find trust more scary than bullets. Hence their irrational behaviour is rational from that warped perspective. If you can show them that society can function, that they can form trusting bonds with others they view as "different" in some way, then you have a chance to reverse some societal decay.