Utopia is a world in which empathy and logic combined have built brains that are psychologically sober.


Utopia is a love-nexus world.


When you do what you love, when it is your focus and passion - you defocus on what others do. In place of jealousy, entitlement and resentment comes fraternity and a will to learn from one another. Then all are masters, all are apprentices, all are happy with purpose and joy.


My job here in 2015 is to be a catalyst. At the end of the process I'll be as anonymous as I am now, it's the world that will change. We're heading into The Fork, a narrow slip of time we all learnt about in history. It's the time when the peoples of the earth had to choose between life and death, utopia or dystopia, a living heaven or hell. It sounds like a no-brainer right, and that's the toughest lesson they teach us in school. In class we enter scenarios of fear and we have to stay true to our inner selves as a guide, because if we're sent back in time to assist The Fork that's all we'll have. We'll be immersed in that toxic culture when the peoples slept even when they were awake.

In our scenarios we are trained over and over to resist the soporific effects of fear, because back in that time there was fear at every turn. It was all over the television, the news, it was in the schools with their "crime and punishment" style of pedagogy, it was in the financial system, in religion and the health system. Somehow we, The Travellers, had to wake the population up, reconnect them to nature and to the creator but there was a snag. One of the existing population had to start the process before we could mobilize. This is the time when one breaks out and we have to be here to keep it going.

We were so scared of paradoxes until we discovered our own people in the history archives. It was odd, some of them still hadn't been born when I left, but they were already here when I arrived. I can't believe our society came from this mess, our utopia, but it did. Sometimes I feel angry, I want to shake them, but waking them isn't simple. They often get violent in the process, preferring the zombie state. To see this world as it is is painful, it's no wonder they break-down, loose their minds and medicate it out when it starts. They think they know what love is but few do. It's hard to be around them, empty like they are, disconnected from their inner light and lonely.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, February 28, 2015.

The difference between utopia and dystopia isn't the technology. We can have a high-tech heaven-on-earth or a high-tech hell. The difference is our culture, how we treat one another and how we care for the rest of life on earth. Don't get me wrong, I believe that scientists do God's work as much as anyone. But without the writers, the philosophers and the soulful guidance of religious leaders, we will veer dangerously toward a future of the rich getting richer and the poor being disposable. That is why I'll be a writer until my days above the ground are done. Writers together can educate through fictional stories in a way that direct teaching cannot, people need to form their own conclusions. So never let anyone belittle your talent for the written word. The world needs creative writers as much as the mathematicians and engineers, perhaps even more so.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, January 20, 2015.

It's 2045, thirty years since the time they called The Fork. I'm sixteen so I don't know any different way to live but I've read the history books and I can't imagine why you didn't act. You had lived through the Nazi holocaust but you couldn't see the millions of dying, starving, enslaved people even with the "internet" you had? I'm sorry, mother says not to judge, that isn't the way of Love.

She wants me to tell you how we live now, but it's so normal to me I don't know where to start. She says you need to know how we get stuff, like food and houses, clean water and health care. Um. Well. Clean water comes in the pipes, food comes from the farms and our own yards, health care comes from a doctor and we build houses like you guys did. I guess the difference is that we don't use a token system anymore, "munee" was it? We had LifeTokens for a time but the new generation found them insulting. To give is a blessing and the tokens tarnished it just the same as your munee.

I make pots and fire them in a solar kiln, zero pollution, lots of bowls and plates. When someone needs one they simply ask for it. Asking is beautiful, the request is like hearing "I love you." I say "It is my honour to give to you. Please take what you need." Then when I want a sweater I go to Maggie and her amazing knitting machines; when I need shoes I go Maverick who makes boots so beautiful they fit like poetry. Folks volunteer to run the farms, the hospitals, school cooperatives and such. People who love science and math keep making new technologies to lower our impact on the ecology of earth and make life better. Every job is done for Love, we will only work for Love.

I think that's all I can tell you. Oh and try not to eat the poisons in your time, 2015, yes? Take care of yourselves. I know it was difficult for you, but all that sweetener and all that sugar put many of you in a state of hypoglycaemia, apparently it made people back then angry, bad tempered, fat and tired. Sending Love...


It's been almost eleven years since we started to wake up. Everything is so wonderful now. I want to fast forward you into our time but I can't because it is you awesome people who makes all of this a reality, thank you all. I've sent this message back to you in 2015 to tell you that we make it, but more than that, I want to tell you what life is like now so you know what needs to be done.

We don't have banks anymore, we have Trusts that give LifeTokens (what you call money), then you pay back the Trust, like an old bank, but the "money" directly pays for free energy, free food, free healthcare and free education. There are no levels of care, everyone gets the same excellent standard. We don't have Government like you do, we have a Public Service Institute, and like the Trust workers they are not allowed access to LifeTokens. These workers get the same standard of living as the rest of the nation and they are respected as servants of God, we see it as a calling, not a route to power. Power corrupts and we built our new systems based on positive feed back loops, or virtuous cycles, that would keep us and the planet safe and healthy.

We don't have prisons like you do. In our system it would be insane to harm another, we have everything we need, so instead there are hospitals where they treat mental health and metabolic disorders. With children being raised right, with Love, life is uplifting, relaxed and more vibrant than anything you know in your time. But hold on, it's just around the corner.

We have music, dance, love, laughter. We learn about our emotions, we learn how to bake bread. We raise animals with Love whether they are chickens or cows, but we eat mostly plants. Without the old food giants poisoning us with refined sugars, fats, excessive salt, colourings and preservatives we aren't fat anymore. We aren't constantly hypoglycaemic, hence less anxiety and violence. So thank you again, from me, from our Creator, you make this possible.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, March 25, 2015.

Found in Are you awake yet? - first draft, authored by Daisy.


We get a little closer to utopia, or heaven on earth, every day. We learnt to make a world where nice people prosper. In our old systems it paid to be ruthless. But when people who combine intelligence with meanness, psychopaths even, rise to the top it warps the whole of humanity. Under such a "push" evolution would have given us a nastier species over time with far a reduced ability for empathy and love. No-one wanted that world. Once we figured out how to care for one another and our planet whilst still maintaining or improving our standard of living, that's when we really felt utopia had arrived, or as close to it as humanity will be for a long time.


The dystopia of the average person is the utopia of the psychopath. You've only got to look a the general direction the world is heading in to know who is in charge...

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 12, 2015.

The only way to make a utopia, a secure system run in healthy loving ways, is to build one in which each individual thinks for themselves and understands the power of love from their cores. It is a system of liberty, sharing and cooperation, one with central organization for food and other necessities but one where the organizers are true public servants and not people with power. Love is maximized, power eliminated as far as possible. Any other system is breakable.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 24, 2015.

If it is utopia you seek, be careful of genetically engineering your own species. Unless you can increase the loving nature of people at the same rate as their intelligence, all you will achieve is an acceleration into one of the many millions of dystopian nightmares possible. Intelligence without love is dangerous and plays into the hands of the dark side.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, November 2, 2015.