Western society has much to learn from the ills of the past, yet is also a bold hope for the future of humanity. All of humanity is descended from genocidal thugs and those who did slavery. White Europeans were slaves in their millions to the Barbary Coast. We need to learn from the past together rather than hold blame-shame guns to each other's hearts and souls. We never believed in inherited sin in the west. We have no caste system. We believe in the equality of all and we plan to get there together, by listening, learning and extending helping hands. This world can only ever expand and evolve function from function. We grow best from loving role models who have psychological maturity and emotional stability. From negative chaos there can only come increased negative chaos. We can still have a good future together as one species on a peaceful planet, yet time is of the essence. We don't have time for hate, we just don't. Humanity can chose to become heart led students of philosophy and science who do our best for all, or get lost in inherited shame-blame spirals or arguments that will look petty once historical time as passed. Lest we forget that we are all connected, all a sacred part of creation and all dependent on the health of planet Earth.