I stared at the monitor, expression blank - my task clashing with what I wanted to do. Arms crossed and brows knitted, the millionth heavy sigh escaped my still lips. And so I did ended up writing nothing, the document garishly white. My brain bashed my thoughts, my fingers remained tucked away. I should have just written it... but then I realized it wasn't the "walls" blocking my thoughts.
It was laziness.

By Charlniña Saraus, January 26, 2016.

A thick wall had etched itself into my brain.
Where a creative downpour of ideas would normally flow straight from my brain and onto the page, today, come nothing. The wall was blocking them.
Then I thought: Why do people use walls? To protect something. To stop something from escaping. To keep prisoners in a prison. To keep intruders out.
So why did it feel so wrong for nothing to escape. My thoughts are not prisoners. They do not need to be protected. They are not intruders. They want to escape.
All my life I have been writing.
But not today.
Today I have writers block.

By ronnie, November 4, 2014.

Authored by me, here.


When my mind is kicking over and over like an engine who's battery is flat, and I am told to write a story, it's like being asked to make dinner with bare cupboards.


Writers Block
I stare at the blank page, it stares back; it’s blinking black courser taunting that I will never win.
“Ha!” It laughs with every pulse, “You don’t even know where to begin!”
Thoughts fill my mind, clashing against each other like knights with vicious swords,
Dragon fire, evil ire, castles filled with ladies and lords.
My brain throbs, my fingers tap,
I would leave, but I but I’ve gotten myself into a trap.
Every hour, every minute,
I could shape history if only I could defeat it!
I have ideas, but they’re covered in fog,
Like a thriving city shrouded by smog.
I try to organize my thoughts, but it’s like they’re in faraway lands.
Ugh! My ideas just won’t come out of my hands!

By twilightlover77, February 26, 2017.