The angel of peace is the angel of war. They are the same. So stop looking for her twin. She is all goodness and all evil. Her mission is to bring world peace. Plan A, to put it in human terms, is universal love, to unite you as one species who cares for and loves all of creation. Plan B is to sow discord among those intent on war. When she sees the genocidal impulse rise, and she will see it regardless of the mask you wear to yourself and others, and then she will sow discord instead of unity. So whether you are united or fractured as a species is a choice being made daily by individuals. The worst outcome is one group united enough to launch a genocidal war upon whatever "others" or "they" is being singled out for hate. So if you are using "they" a lot in your speech, or "us" or "them," or any other name to indicate masses of individuals for whatever "group sin" you invoke, you need to start thinking of love and unity instead, of people as sacred individuals with complex lives and emotions. Plan A can only happen if all of you earn it together. In every situation you are choosing between love and emotional indifference. We ask you to choose love.