In physics we say to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, thanks to Newton. In biology we are more apt to say that in terms of behaviour and emotionality there is a reaction of equal mirroring and reciprocation. In essence, people in a state of triggered fear are predictably going to "respond in kind," whether the response is indeed kind or not. Thus as we make our road toward equal rights for all citizens of our mother Earth, we must take this into account. In what we write and say we must be showing kindness and a willingness to see the perspectives of others, especially where there is disagreement. For when we do this they will respond in the same good manner, to make some effort to see the good reasoning put forward from the other "side." From here it is a road to peace, of greater comprehension of others, and the start of a love that will then be mirrored and reciprocated throughout the many wonderful cultures of our species. Keep in your thoughts, dear activist for equal rights, regardless of which perspective you are coming from, you can say whatever you wish, yet it is how we say our words that gets results. Honesty, compassion, empathy, noble intent, integrity - these are essential to the social recipe that brings equality.