In the mirror of the sun,
Duty from the heart is given,
We tax ourselves for others welfare,
We check ourselves,
Ensure our manners are right,
So that peace and cooperation is real,
That our nobility is a form of humbleness,
Uplifting to all around,
Duty is thus well mirrored,
From farm hand to king,
In a sustainable social ecosystem.

In the mirror of the eclipse,
Duty is money taken,
Tax is money taken,
Checks are money paid,
Manors are the homes of the takers,
Peace and cooperation are masks,
Nobility is unchecked ego,
Suppressing with unearned faux-superiority,
Easier physical work is deemed expensive,
Harder physical work is deemed cheap
In consumptive social abuse.

Yet to those born in an eclipse,
It is challenging to welcome,
The mirror of the sun.

By Angela Abraham, @daisydescriptionari, September 15, 2022.

There comes a time when "pushing" one's ideas that could save our world becomes morally the right thing to do. And so, if you have the time, I urge you to read my book, "Nexus. A Treatise in Defence of Love as Mankind's Answer," so that we can rescue each other and our planet from the trouble of our current era. There is a link to a free version and a Kindle version from my bio (bio-link below).


In those days we saved the world, the older ones were set in their ways, yet the youth were ready for something new. We wanted a world with no money, a free world where we had the best institutions run by us because we love to help each other. The transition needed a new way to ease that in; it was always going to need to blend in, to flow, evolution not revolution. So the young asked for a new social contract. They would do their best with whatever talents they had, work within society to bring the maximum benefit to all within a volunteer agency that welcomed and enhanced their creative input. In exchange they had a lovely home for life, guaranteed good food, all energy and health needs met, total cradle to grave care, and a little money too while capitalism was phased out, albeit over a few decades. Over time, more older folks asked for it too, people of every profession. It was popular. We got a whole new way of living, more joy than we ever expected to have, healthy families, enough time to enjoy being parents. It was a great thing. Services were services, none of the power-rubbish of the past."