There she is. Mine. Her beauty, her flaming locks - a painting for my eyes alone. Night is the only time I can be with my love, catching a whiff of her sweet and subtle scent, drowning me as she dreams. Some nights I calm the excitement in my soul to prevent waking my precious sleeping beauty. One day I won't be a mysterious guy loving her from the shadows, I will be her lover and she will be mine. I will be the one to marry her, make love to her, and she will bare my children. She will be mine to love, forever. Oh, how sweet that will be. Oh, dear me, I think I woke her. I guess our lives together are starting sooner than expected...

By Percia Davis, March 13, 2018*.

I had thousands of photos of him pasted on my wall; I looked at them every day. He was so perfect. He didn't notice me, but why would he? I'm a nobody, an outcast. I traced my finger across his paper cheek, and kissed his lips, as I did every night. I love him. I love him.

By azandtheunicorns, November 23, 2016*.

Please, tell him.
Tell him to stay. I feel like the distance between us pulls my soul out of my ribs rendering me breathless, sinks me into the subconscious. I try to go where the shelter is, where I'm sure and know for certain that all of this is just a mere temptation, just some hallucination... some moments and everything will go back as it was. Tell him that his eyes are my space. It's the world where I can visuals myself in. His laughs are the secret behind my eternity of happiness if he goes away, all of this will be hindered and I'll be nothing but a lifeless body.
I'm the dead whose heart has been broken!
I need that heart and that shoulder where I can put my head on and reassure myself that the world is in my possession - that heart, the one I hear beat, the voice of love day night and in every second.
And what's wrong with you, Mr. Cruel?
Will a day come where I'll know the end of this... the end of this vortex, this flooding, this deeply buried love, its blaze, its heartburn, its anguish cries, its tortuous screams, its silence, its breakdown, its death, its tears, its time, its taste... its absence, its pain, the grip of the heart. Because of my watchfulness, my impatience, my memories of its person, its time, its place and its epoch...
Will a day come where this will end?

By Doa'a Abu Mualish, January 17, 2018*.

I loved you in the day,
I loved you in the night,
I loved the way you play,
I loved your guiding light.

But you cheated on me
You broke my heart
You lied to me
From the start.

Now I will hunt you down
And end your life
Cos baby I'm no clown
I know how to use a knife.

By iluhblack, November 24, 2015.

I clicked on her profile; she looked like the perfect candidate. I zoomed into her nose, perfect. Her eyes, perfect. Her lips perfect. I knew she was the one.

Me: When can I meet you?
Sarah: At five.

At five in the evening I stood at the front door and inspected the area. The moon was bright. She opened the door and said thank you as I handed her the flowers. Her hands were long and pretty; just the way I liked them. Everything was aright until she smiled. Why did she have to have a crooked tooth? *Sigh.* I came prepared for this. I took my knife and waited for her to turn around.

Such a waste of my time.

By iluhblack, November 24, 2015.