Descriptionari has thousands of free inspirational writing samples that are free for teachers and students to use. The best learning is "observe, imitate, practice, master," and descriptionari makes that easy! We only publish high quality writing, and the website is led by Author Angela Abraham who has written thousands of the inspirational quotes and writing prompts.

Descriptionari is awesome for creative writing, for getting over writer's block and for inspiring positive thoughts and attitudes to life. Writing is an art form, and like all arts, it is one of nature's way to heal our brains. We can heal from trauma as we write, exploring difficult ideas in the metaphors of dreams, weaving stories that help our mental health and entertain us at the same time. Creative writing should always be fun and told in our own words, because writing is simply another way to talk, right? It should feel the same as play, the brain able to bounce from one idea to another! That's when our inner genius comes out to play, when curiosity drives us onwards to something better.

My advice is to let learning writers use the descriptions written by myself, Angela Abraham (other writers keep copyright of their work on They can add a sentence here or there as they wish and use inspiration for their own stories. Kids can't go from "observe" to "master" - they must be allowed to "imitate" and "practice" and a little bit of copying is part of that process.

So please do use my own writing on descriptionari with your classes, let the children be free with it!

Much love,
Angela Abraham